3 free SEO keyword research tool

3 free SEO keyword research tools right there in Google Search results

In this post we look at 3 SEO keyword research tools that can be found right on the Google search results page. These invaluable tools are on each search you enter into Google when the data is available.

Why do SEO keyword research?

Quite simply because you want to be found! And the best way to be found in search is by knowing what your potential customers are searching for.

Fortunately, kicking off your SEO keyword research is probably much easier than you’d think. Sure there are heaps of tools out there – free and paid – that can help you do a real keyword deep dive.

But there are also 3 really great tools right in the Google search results. These are:

  • Search suggestions
  • People also ask
  • Related searches

1. Search suggestions

Search suggestions is the text that comes up as soon you start to type your query into Google. It automatically displays the most popular searches other people have entered using those words.

Google search suggestions for the search term "SEO keyword research".
Google search suggestions for the term “SEO keyword research”

2. People also ask

As the name suggests, this gives you data about what other questions people have asked in your target keyword topic. You’ll find this about half way down the search results page.

When you’re researching keywords to optimise a blog post, the people also ask section of the search results is a great place to find ideas for titles and topics.

"People also ask" results when searching for SEO keyword research in Google
“People also ask” results when searching for SEO keyword research in Google

3: Related searches

Scroll to the bottom of the search results page and you’ll find the “Related searches” section. This particular search brings up some great related searches to explore.

The list of best long tail keyword research tool results includes some we use regularly to dive into keyword data. In particular:

Related searches on Google when searching for "SEO keyword research".
Related searches on Google when searching for “SEO keyword research”.

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