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About Davison & Brain Digital

Carve your digital niche with Davison & Brain

Imagine finding someone who could help you bring your ecommerce business idea to life. A place you could trust to take care of your website while you focus on your core business. Somewhere you could explore digital marketing ideas and be sure of an honest response. You need Davison & Brain.

We help small businesses, charities and entrepreneurs tackle their digital challenges.

Why Davison & Brain Digital?

What’s so special about Davison & Brain? It’s simple. We provide an honest, personal approach and work with our clients to find a detailed solution tailored to their business needs. Working out what is best for your business is part of what makes us tick.

Here’s what our clients have to say about working with Davison & Brain.

Myles Runham, MR Digital & Learning

Ciaran is a pleasure to work with and a good partner in arriving at the right solution. Friendly and appropriate challenge mixed with practical experience and guidance.


Tricia Gilbert, Knitting Tech Editor

It has been a pleasure working with Davison & Brain to develop and update my website (going live this week, woot!). Ciaran’s patience and guidance throughout the project has gotten me through the hard work, and her team has helped me present all the information in a unique and colourful way. I’m excited and proud of my site, all thanks to Ciaran’s team.


Suzi Moore, Suzi Moore Training

I love working with this company, I never feel like anything is too much bother and continue to send all my work here to Ciaran. I am very happy with my website and all the ideas Ciaran gave me regarding Blogs and marketing.


Richard Wood, VFR Motor Services Ltd

Excellent , Looks after our webpage and blog.


Daniel Brooke, Neurodiversity Specialists

Ciaran was great and understanding what I wanted from a website and given me options on how to convey information clearly. Not only did Ciaran deliver results quickly but she was always on hand to provide additional support when needed. I highly recommended working with Ciaran, if you are looking for a professional, friendly and supportive service. I love the website that she built for me!


More than just another digital agency

Davison & Brain is not just another digital agency. We’re not an agency at all. In fact, at the moment, “we” is Ciaran Davison and her brain. Hence: Davison & Brain.

But don’t be fooled, we may be small right now but we have big ideas and a wealth of experience. To date, Ciaran has racked up over two decades working in digital marketing and website management in the UK and Australia.

She has built websites, managed digital marketing initiatives, sent hundreds of email campaigns, overseen complex SEO projects, and even been a programmer. She has worked for a variety of organisations, from small startups to global multinational companies, including:

  • Microsoft,
  • WeightWatchers,
  • Ticketek Australia, and
  • Routledge Informa Publishing.

Now, as Davison & Brain, she is working on website design and digital marketing projects with some wonderful people. Current work includes:

The Plager Group website design project

The Plager Group website design project

Debbie Plager approached us to pitch for of The Plager Group website design project. The outcome: a stunning new site for a phenomenal coach.

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Coached by Bonita single page website

Coached by Bonita single page website

Coached by Bonita is a personal training business. Bonita needed a professional single page website flexible enough to add premium features later.

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Knit One Kits Search Engine Optimisation

Knit One Kits Search Engine Optimisation

The Knit One Kits Search Engine Optimisation project ran over summer 2022. This article has been updated with some delicious results data.

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Our History: Proudly Made in Leicester

Back in 2014 we returned to the UK from Australia. To Leicester of all places! Many people have commented that this was a wild and crazy decision. Why leave Australia?

But it turned out that Leicester was a pretty exciting place. Not long after we arrived, Leicester City only went and won the Premiere League cup for the first time ever! There was a huge party on the park and a surprising number of Italians in town. Then of course there’s Leicester’s famous archaeology. How many cities can say they’ve found a Plantagenet king in a council car park? Not many. Fact.

What’s more, Leicester has a fantastic digital business network with a wealth of training and networking opportunities. And so, instead of looking for non-existent hyper-local part-time jobs in digital marketing, Davison & Brain was born.

Ready to Get to Work?

If you’re still figuring out how we might be able to help your business grow through digital marketing, then check out our digital marketing services section. Or take a look at some of the projects we’ve worked on with our valued clients.

Alternatively, if you’re crystal clear about what you want and you’re ready to get stuck in, call now for a chat or drop us a message on the contact form with your details. We’ll be in touch to discuss your digital marketing needs.