Website rescue mission for MGL Media

Website Rescue Mission Project for Matt Holt of MGL Media
One Saturday morning back in July, Matt Holt owner of MGL Media, came to me with a website crisis. Their site had terminally broken and their existing web person was unable to revive it. This is exactly the kind of website rescue mission challenge that really spikes my interest.

Small business training in Leicester

Small Business Training in Leicester
When I returned to the UK from Australia, I needed to work to help support my family. Sadly, our society isn’t set up for part-time professionals and I quickly found that no one is looking to employ part-time website designers and digital marketers. And so, I decided to set up a small business using my skills and experience.

The Snug Beauty Salon Website

The Snug Beauty Salon, Leicester - Shopify website upgrade
The Snug had a legacy, hand-built HTML site which she was unable to access to update the site content. Sarah needed to be able to update the site with new treatments and changing prices on-going. In short, her business needed a Content Management System (CMS).