Build confidence with self promotion course review

Google Digital Garage has a wide variety of short courses. This time, I completed the Build confidence with self promotion online course. I have reviewed this course based on the value of learning, along with advantages and disadvantages.

This course had a completion time of just 17 minutes, and is completely free! You just need to sign up for a Google Digital Garage account. 

What I like about courses like these is that you always receive a certificate to your email inbox. This is great for those wanting to build up their skills profile or CV.

First impressions 

In all honesty, I was very excited to complete this course. Confidence is not something that comes naturally to me, so I was eager to learn more about it. 

Generally, I anticipated finishing “Build confidence with self promotion” with a fresh perspective of why confidence matters.

Value of learning

The information you receive is in the format of short videos. The duration is only a few minutes per video. 

After this, you must answer subsequent questions about what you have learned. 

Although the course was short, I definitely learned the importance of promoting yourself. In fact, networking and discussing your talents is the most successful route to employment


My favourite part of the course was an exercise where you write down the things that make you remarkable.

The individuals in the video who completed this task initially struggled with this.

In a world where we feel that humbleness is important, it can be difficult to talk yourself up. 

The reality is, once you get started, you are reminded of more achievements. It was touching to see that no matter how accomplished a person is, they may struggle with recognising how far they have come.

Limitations of the Build confidence with self promotion course

One clear limitation of Build Confidence with self promotion is the length of the course. By the time it had finished, I had felt that I was finally getting into it. 

The course mentions the importance of recognising your own talents and promoting them. Other than making a list, I felt that I wasn’t equipped with tools to implement this strategy going forwards. 


The assessments are very easy to complete, which I would argue in itself helps to build confidence.

It certainly isn’t a final exam like in Google Digital Garage’s “Fundamentals of Digital Marketing”, which had 60 questions.

Instead, “Build confidence with self promotion” has a whopping total of 3 questions at the end of the course. 


Although short, I do believe that this course was very pleasant to take part in. If you are looking for a brief pick-me-up for confidence, then this is for you!

I certainly recommend making your own list of things that make you remarkable.