Coached by Bonita

Coached by Bonita single page website

Bonita is a PT coach and a high school English teacher. In 2022 she decided to take the courageous step into business ownership and focus on offering sports coaching to private clients. And so, Coached by Bonita was born.

Coached by Bonita is a personal training business for people looking to improve their fitness generally or achieve a specific goal.

The website design brief

Bonita needed an online presence but wasn’t ready to commit to a full website build. So we worked together to craft a single page site that was flexible enough to extend when she was ready.

She has big plans for her website. Down the line Bonita would like to include paid membership and online content delivery to support her clients outside face to face sessions. Watch this space for future developments!

But these big plan were for the big bright future. Right now, Coached by Bonita needed a website, and quickly.

Ciaran worked closely with me, and I really felt like she listened to me and understood what I needed. She carefully explained the process, and helped me to understand the technical bits. Her advice and experience ensured that my website is highly successful.

The final design and organisation of the content of my website is excellent – thanks to Ciaran’s attention to detail and high standards. I cannot recommend her services enough.

Single page website build

Bonita was a great client to work with. She was totally focused and knew exactly what she wanted and I got the impression that this is how she approaches everything in life. It’s abundantly clear why she makes a superb sports coach.

This has to be one of the fastest projects we worked on in 2022. Bonita’s site was up and running in a matter of weeks.

We know that creating content for a new website can be daunting, and sometimes this part of the process can take some time. But Bonita provided the content to the agreed dates, and had some fantastic images to support her words. Together we got her single page site up in record time.

Since launch at the end of summer 2022, Bonita’s business has gone from zero to hero. There was never any doubt that a powerhouse like Bonita would make a success of it, but we like to think that her website was on her wing. There are certainly plenty of new enquiries coming through the site every week.

Coached by Bonita homepage

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Ciaran is a a fantastic lady to work with: knowledgeable, patient and she provides the highest quality end product.