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Website Analytics

Having a website is all well and good, but who is looking at it, how often, and where are they coming from? To get these insights, and grow your business, you will need website analytics to track traffic to your site.

Google Analytics

For small businesses and entrepreneurs, we recommend Google Analytics for gathering data about traffic to your website. Why? Because it’s free to use, (fairly) simple to understand, and integrates with most off the shelf website Content Management Systems (CMS).

If you’d prefer to set this up for yourself, there are some great introductory videos on how to use Google Analytics to track your website traffic on the Google Analytics Academy website.

Configuring your Google Analytics is not rocket science, but it is time-consuming. Could your valuable time be better spent elsewhere? Then we can help you with:

  • Account configuration
  • Report and dashboard set up
  • Goal configuration
  • Ad tracking integration
  • Spam referral traffic exclusion
  • Bot traffic exclusion
  • And more!

Other Website Data Insights Solutions

Not everyone is a fan of Google. If you would prefer to investigate alternative solutions, Davison & Brain can help you search out the right data insights or traffic tracking system for your business.

Meanwhile, you might like to check out:

  • SEM Rush for a deep dive into your search engine stats
  • Clicky for site analytics including real time traffic and heat maps

Ready to Get Started on Your Website Analytics?

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