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HubSpot Academy Content Marketing course review

This blog is a review of the Content Marketing course by HubSpot Academy.

I have reviewed the course based on the value of learning, accessibility, and the overall usefulness of the knowledge.

The course is split into 14 modules, and offers an email sign up. With a successful completion of the final exam, a certificate is awarded.

Initial expectations

HubSpot Academy logo

The content marketing courses provided smart insights to tackling your marketing process that I never expected to be relevant.

By the module titles alone, my expectations soared high, expecting a great level of unique perspectives designed to help me progress my skills.

 Module titles ranged from “The Power of Storytelling” to “Planning a Long-Term Content Strategy”. 

Value of Learning

Credit is due for HubSpot’s creativity in teaching you information.

One of my favourite features is “HubSpot Community ”. This is a forum board for people taking the same course.

I found this very encouraging, as a first timer on HubSpot, it really made me feel more confident to see other people’s answers. It was very reassuring to know that I was on the right track.


Banner title that says "Content Marketing". Image shows a screenshot of a module checklist, including ticks next to each title. 
They read:
"Why your business needs a story"
"What do you need to tell a story?"
"Apply the storytelling framework"
Screenshot from HubSpot Academy.

The speakers on the videos were engaging and spoke very clearly. The videos also offered closed captions, which I found to be highly assistive with my learning.

Each video had consistent intro and outro music, which is a minute detail, but it is engaging. For me, it was very rewarding to reach the end of a video and hear the same jingle, signifying that you have completed a lesson.

In each module, HubSpot invites you to answer a question, practically applying the taught methods to your own business. 

Along with this, there are a few questions at the end of each module. They are very surface level questions and are therefore easy to pass!  For this, it seemed that the main focus was learning, not regurgitating highly specific pieces of knowledge.

Another addition I really liked was the worksheets. They only appeared when necessary, and when they did, it was very helpful to have an alternative format to boost my knowledge.


At first, it was difficult to think of anything I didn’t like regarding the course. I view that the content taught was highly valuable, but it is certainly not a quick course to complete.

In fact, if I wasn’t going to write a review of this course, I would have found it difficult to reach the end. The information is useful, yet sometimes the content feels never ending.

After further review, I found the jump from the end of topic questions to the final exam rather overwhelming.

To progress from 3-5 questions to 60 in the exam definitely threw me out of rhythm.

If I were to make a recommendation to HubSpot Academy, it would be to add more end of topic questions. This would then make the progression to the exam much less stressful.

Final exam

Scrabble tiles spelling "I am still learning"
Image by Brett Jordan

The Content Marketing course has one final exam, once you have finished your learning.

With 60 questions, you are required to answer at least 45 questions correctly in order to pass. I did not feel too disheartened when I did not pass the first time.

The exam questions helped me to realise what I knew, and what I needed to brush up on. 

A feature of this I admired was that you had to take a 12 hour resting period before retaking the exam.

It ensures that you aren’t trying to whiz through the exam repeatedly until you pass. Instead, you should go back to modules or information you feel uncertain about.

HubSpot’s Content Marketing course in a nutshell

HubSpot Academy’s Content Marketing course is packed full of valuable, relevant content that will undoubtedly be relevant to your profession.

Although sometimes I felt stagnant with my progression due to having so much content, I wouldn’t change it. It felt very admirable to me – they had so much information, they wanted to share it all.

What I can guarantee is that your learning journey will be enjoyable and the knowledge that you take with you is certainly useful.

If you are looking for a modern, refreshing take on content marketing, then this course is definitely for you.

What’s next for your content marketing?

We’d encourage anyone to give this course a shot. It’s a really good introduction to get you started.

However, if you’re still feeling intimidated and don’t know where to start with your content marketing strategy, book a call for a free discovery session.