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Knit One Kits Search Engine Optimisation

First published 30 September 2022. Updated with relevant 2023 results data 5 July 2023.

Knit One Kits is an online craft supplies website run by Leicester businesswoman, Alison Woods. Her main product offering is beautiful knitting and crochet kits for beginners to advanced levels.

The business transformed in 2019 from a bricks and mortar Leicester store into an online only Shopify website.

The issue: slow sales and low website traffic

Like many craft supplies businesses, Alison found that the drop off in fairs and events over COVID had a massive negative impact on her sales. Without the face to face relationships, the Knit One Kits website needed to work harder for her.

Alison came to us via her business buddy and fellow yarn enthusiast, Tricia Gilbert. Alison’s brief was simple: drive traffic to the Knit One Kits website and increase online sales.

The solution: Search Engine Optimisation

We performed a thorough opportunity gap audit of the Knit One Kits website and found there was huge potential for SEO improvement.

Before making any changes to the site, we needed research data. We got Knit One Kits set up on Google Search Console and started on some keyword research using Google search itself, as well as other online resources.

Essential SEO content edits

Using the research data, we got cracking on some essential SEO edits to the existing content. This included:

  • Optimising page titles and URLs.
  • Weaving in primary and secondary keywords into product descriptions.
  • Structuring descriptive content with relevant keyword-rich HTML headers.
  • Making sure all existing images had keyword rich descriptive alt tags.
  • Checking meta descriptions for accuracy and relevance, and of course, keywords.

Site structure for SEO

The bigger piece was re-structuring the website so that it reflected broad and niche keywords that would support her product offering. After a great deal of data mining, we put together a category and tagging map that would order her products in a way that aligned with real search queries.

Google Business Profile

Finally, we curated the Knit One Kits Google Business Profile. After the move from bricks and mortar to online store, there was legacy information that was not helping the indexing of the Knit One Kits website.

The Knit One Kits Google Business Profile is now up to date and gathering some fantastic 5-star reviews.

The result: SEO works

The numbers speak for themselves. Twelve months on from the Knit One Kits Search Engine Optimisation project it is clear that the SEO changes have done wonders for website traffic and sales.

Comparing 2023 data to the previous period Alison has seen:

  • 202% overall sales increase.
  • 33% uptick in conversation rate.
  • 159% hike in total orders.
  • 19% boost to the average order value.
  • 170% increase in sales from search traffic.
  • 126% rise in traffic from search engines.

The bonus result of the Knit One Kits Search Engine Optimisation work was a renewed enthusiasm for the business for the business owner.

In 2023, Alison has attended many more craft fairs and events. This led to increased brand awareness and more website traffic in a beautiful marketing virtuous circle.

Enthusiasm breeds enthusiasm!

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