LinkedIn Basics course review

LinkedIn Basics: Understanding the fundamentals course review


LinkedIn is the biggest professional social media, with over 690 million members. Users can build networks, attach a personal voice to their business, and even search for jobs.

I decided to take part in Hubspot’s short course: LinkedIn Basics: Understanding the fundamentals, with a desire to further understand the popular business platform.

As a newcomer to LinkedIn, I have reviewed this course based on my honest opinions.

Initial expectations

This course has a duration of 32 minutes, which is divided into subsections, making it feel gratifying and easy to complete.

Before I began the course, a chatbot appeared, offering me the opportunity to ask questions about this course. I felt that this was a welcoming experience.

Value of learning

“LinkedIn Basics” contains very practical information, which is the easiest learning to apply! They teach you knowledge that can be directly used on the LinkedIn site.

For a course that takes half an hour, I learned much more than I expected to!

There were topic names that instantly drew my attention and peaked my curiosity, such as:

  • Develop a winning strategy
  • All about LinkedIn search pages
  • Understanding LinkedIn analytics


The coverage of LinkedIn definitely encouraged me to spend more time on LinkedIn, with helpful tips such as a strong profile strength, which is helpful for visibility! 

For example, I now know that profiles ranked “Intermediate” or “All Star” are more successful at engaging followers. This makes it easier to build up a network, as it proves you are creditable.

HubSpot’s course stresses the importance of checking your LinkedIn analytics in order to see what posts are getting the most reach and engagement. I am extremely fond of this idea!

As well as this, the course teaches that you can schedule LinkedIn posts on HubSpot! By doing this, you can efficiently maintain a posting routine!

Drawbacks / Limitations of the LinkedIn Basics course 

Although the course is engaging, it is immediately clear that it’s intended purpose is not for individuals seeking work. Rather, it has a main focus on business owners.

It is tricky to apply a lot of the information you learn if you don’t own a business, which is a shame. I would love to see HubSpot produce a course with more focus on LinkedIn for employees and job seekers.


The test for this course is absolutely nothing to worry about! It comprises of just 2 questions, which are relatively straight forward.

My only comment relates to my frustration of questions that require multiple choices. I find it to be a real headache trying to guess how many answers are required!


I would recommend the Hubspot LinkedIn Basics course for business owners rather than individuals looking to learn about LinkedIn. That being said, I am certainly not a business owner, and I learned a little more than I expected to.

However, I am not entirely convinced that this course is the best tool for learning about LinkedIn. Of course, it’s great to be taught more about LinkedIn analytics, but that doesn’t mean anything when you don’t know what to post in the first place.