Little Johns Preschool

Little John’s Preschool, Clarendon Park

This was a fun project for a local nursery: Little John’s Preschool in Clarendon Park, Leicester.

About Little John’s Preschool

Little John’s is a friendly preschool in the heart of Clarendon Park opposite St. John the Baptist Primary School in Leicester.

The preschool is a charitable organisation, run by a voluntary committee and exists to offer the community of Clarendon Park a nursery care service.

The Preschool Website Project

The preschool committee had a familiar problem: the site had been built some time ago using flat HTML files. What’s more, the menus were repeated as plain HTML on each page.

Even the slightest change to the site content required some HTML knowledge and the will to sort through the spaghetti of code. In short, it was fiddly to update content and a nightmare to update the menus.

The Solution

Little Johns Preschool - June 2017
Little John’s Preschool new website, June 2017

It quickly became clear that what was needed was to separate the layout logic from the content. Make the template of the site independent of the articles and pictures so that they could update the information easily. The site needed a Content Management System (CMS), and we gave it one.

There was a small hitch setting up the CMS. Every CMS needs a database and the existing hosting environment did not include any (ANY!) databases. The costs were too high with the existing host, so we shifted camp to Siteground hosting.

With the right infrastructure in place, it was a plain sailing to choose the right theme and give the content a much needed update. The new site is up and ready for the new academic year starting September 2017.

The committee tell me they are delighted with the new Preschool website. If they’re happy, I’m happy!

Check out the website at: