Sarah Hargreaves New Website Theme

Fresh New Website for a Valued Client

I’ve been working with Sarah Hargreaves on digital strategy for her consulting business for a few years now. It was a pleasure to be able to offer her a new website look and feel to freshen up her online presence.

Choosing a New Website Theme

After researching various themes for her Joomla! site, we decided on Requiem from RocketTheme.

This isn’t a theme I’ve used before and found it fiddly to configure. There are a number of different possible areas to enter the same content and you don’t always get the response you’d expect.

We had no problem at all finding great visuals to populate this image-heavy theme. Sarah is also a keen photographer and she had some fantastic pictures to choose from. The hardest part was deciding which ones not to use.

In the end, we delivered a new website that everyone was happy with. Especially, and most importantly, something Sarah was pleased with!