Jed Lester reviews the SemRush Content Marketing and SEO Fundamentals course

SemRush Content Marketing and SEO Fundamentals course review


After a positive learning experience on the SemRush SEO Crash Course, I wanted to see what other courses were available from the SemRush Academy. 

I am reviewing Content Marketing and SEO Fundamentals based on its value of learning and overall usefulness. 

The Content Marketing and SEO Fundamentals course is aimed at “digital marketers, individuals with responsibility for their content marketing strategy, as well as anyone who is looking to enhance their knowledge and understanding of content marketing and how to create quality content that will deliver results as part of a wider SEO campaign.”

An email is required to sign up for SemRush Academy, but the courses are completely free to participate in.

Value of learning

The Content Marketing and SEO Fundamentals course is beginner friendly. It strips down core terms and defines them, ensuring that learners have a clear concept of content marketing. 

My favourite topic was “Content Syndication” – the republishing of content for different purposes. The course contained interesting topic names, such as “Collaborating with Marketing and PR” and “Creating Great Content”.


At the end of each module, you are required to answer a multiple choice question before moving on. I found this to be very validating, as the questions directly relate to the content. 

It is clear to me that a lot of careful thought and organisation went into this. Some may argue that because it is short, the content is not valuable. 

I disagree – as it takes an incredible degree of knowledge to be able to explain concepts in simple terms. 

Drawbacks/ Limitations

The course felt strongly geared towards business owners. 

I often feel disconnected from the content when they mention the importance of building links for your company, as it doesn’t relate to the work that I do.

Then again, I understand that courses such as these have more appeal to business owners who are looking to improve their SEO rankings.

Summary of the Content Marketing and SEO Fundamentals course

The lessons were very well-organised and informative, and excelled in comparison to other learning tools like HubSpot Academy and Google Digital Garage. 

I think it shows a great level of standard for a shorter course to educate me to the same level as longer haul courses.

Overall, I believe that SemRush Academy has a fresh, vibrant take on learning materials for content creation.

If you’re looking to learn how to improve your content in a short amount of time, then this course is for you.