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SemRush SEO Crash Course review


I am reviewing the SemRush SEO Crash Course based on its accessibility and value of learning. 

SemRush is a successful search engine marketing company. It has recently come to my knowledge that they have free learning tools.

The SEO Crash Course is an entry-level course for people who are new to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). They describe it as being for people who are “brand new to SEO or feel overwhelmed with all of the SEO content out there, or just want a tested battle-plan that you can use to get more traffic from Google, then this course is for you!”

The course offers an email sign up, with 1 hour of learning – split into 5 lessons.

Value of Learning

Screenshot from SemRush course

There was a great coverage of knowledge in different areas of marketing. 

SemRush included enticing topic names such as:

  • Find Untapped Keywords
  • Build backlinks to your site
  • Track and monitor your SEO results

After each video lesson, there is the opportunity to put your learning into practice, using SEMRush. On top of that, each video is incredibly valuable.


Brian Dean spoke with a lot of excitement, which made learning naturally interesting to me.

SEMRush stresses the importance of keyword research, a belief I firmly stand with. 

The lessons were organised in a thoughtful manner, and the knowledge was explained in a highly accessible way. 


There wasn’t a way to test my knowledge because there were no quizzes to complete. 

I would have liked to see SemRush implement questions alongside the lessons, so that learners could know they are on the right track.

Final thoughts on the SemRush SEO Crash Course

I highly recommend this course if you are unsure about how to successfully integrate keywords into your posts.

“SEO Crash Course” gifted me a new wave of confidence regarding keyword use.

It certainly helps to learn from someone who is passionate about what they are teaching.