The Plager Group website design project - home page splash

The Plager Group website design project

Late in 2022, Debbie Plager approached us to pitch for of The Plager Group website design project. The outcome: a stunning new site for a phenomenal coach.

The Plager Group website design project - home page splash

The Plager Group website brief

Debbie has 25+ years of experience working in major corporates in the US. Over the last few years she arrived at the point in her career where she wanted to go to the next level and be a business owner.

Her highly-prized skills in executive coaching and organisational (or organizational!) strategy mean she is well positioned to build a fantastic business. And so The Plager Group was born.

Debbie is an astute businessperson and has strong ideas about the shape of her business and how the website should look. She wanted a professional online presence that reflected her experience and the quality of the service she had to offer.

The website design process

Our process for any new site follows a series of steps to make sure our clients get the best possible website to meet their needs.

First we sketch out the framework for the website. What are the essential pages and how are the services structured? Is there anything unique about customer enquiries that we can embed in the contact page to make sure you get all the details you need from a potential website lead?

Next it’s time to write the content. As the subject matter expert, this was down to Debbie’s expertise in her field. Because we’ve built a number of websites for other professionals in the coaching and organisational strategy field, we could offer some support and guidance. Especially where optimising for SEO was concerned. But Debbie knew her own content best and this part of the process fell to her superior knowledge.

Once the words were prepared, they were set into a basic website framework build without any design features. Without knowing what content we’re working with, it’s impossible to start on the design phase of a website build.

Next we took some time to discuss imagery and iconography ahead of the main website design work and made some tentative placements.

Branding and design work

While we were tinkering in the workshop building the framework website, Debbie had engaged the very talented Walter van der Linde to build her visual brand identity.

Walter devised a really strong suite of graphical elements that were an absolute joy to integrate into The Plager Group website design framework we were working on.

Once the content was finalised and we had the brand identity, we started on the website design phase proper. Like so many projects, all the pre-work made the final design stages a breeze.

The site quickly came together and Debbie was happy to soft launch in May this year.

The Plager Group website design project - about page

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