Tricia Gilbert website design project - knitted Christmas trees

Tricia Gilbert website design project

Tricia Gilbert website design brief

Tricia Gilbert is a professional knitting tech editor.

If you’re intrigued about what a knitting tech editor does, you won’t be surprised to learn that you can find out more on Tricia’s website (designed by us!).

Tricia had an existing website but she felt that it was looking a little tired and unloved. So Tricia decided to boost her online presence with a brand new website design.

Tricia Gilbert is a highly creative individual with a good eye for technology, so the design for her website needed to be top shelf.

She put on her geek hat and built her own site last time around. But for the 2022 edit, Tricia decided her time would be better focused on her core business instead.

That’s where we stepped in to give her a helping hand.

Ciaran’s patience and guidance throughout the project has gotten me through the hard work, and her team has helped me present all the information in a unique and colourful way. I’m excited and proud of my site, all thanks to Ciaran’s team.

The website build process

The road to a beautiful website is not always a smooth one. And we had a few curve balls thrown into the Tricia Gilbert website design project. Holidays, a house move, and not-COVID-but-something-fairly-similar delayed us by a few weeks.

Even with all that life happening, we got Tricia’s new website launched to the deadline set.

Branding and visual design

Tricia worked with a local Leicester illustrator and designer on her visual branding. As well as a really strong logo, they came good with some excellent flashes, lines, and highlights that were really useful and a pleasure to weave through the site.

Tricia Gilbert website design project - homepage

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