Grid Retreat Virtual Event Build

Virtual event build for a self development retreat

About the Client

Magdalena Bak-Maier is an extremely talented neuroscientist, educator, and productivity coach. Her mission in life is to help people find fulfilment and balance in life and work. Her methods are based in neuroscientific research and expertise.

Magdalena Bak-Maier - Virtual Event Build

The Challenges of a Virtual Event Build

Magdalena and I have worked together on the Make Time Count website for some time now. Mainly looking at SEO and information structure on the website.

This project was a little different. Magdalena wanted to run one of her Retreat events, specifically the 1 Day Grid Retreat. The 1 Day Grid retreat is a self-development day based around her Get Productive Grid system which divides life goals into 4 key quadrants to promote work-life balance.

But with the current challenges and restrictions around meeting in person or in groups, this needed to be moved to a virtual setting. The Make Time Count website had all the pieces to make this work, but we’d never put them together to deliver the session in this way. It was an exciting, and nerve-wracking, challenge!

There were many possible ways to approach a virtual event build. We wanted to make sure this was a repeatable process that could be repurposed for future events. So we decided to use the website tools that were already had in place. We managed:

  • Online payment via WooCommerce.
  • Page access management using Wishlist Member.
  • Online course materials using WPCourseware.

Bringing The Virtual Event to Life

The website onboarding and course materials undoubtedly helped support the 1 Day Grid Retreat virtual event. But without doubt, it was Magdalena’s skill as a facilitator and educator that really brought the day to life. I was lucky enough to participate and, not knowing at all what to expect (I’m not really a “retreat” sort of person!), I found it to be a very special experience.

I would not have thought it was possible to achieve the sort of group dynamic over Zoom that Magdalena achieved. The energy and feedback from the group was fantastic.

If you have time to take part on one of her Grid Retreat sessions, look out for the next event on the Make Time Count website.

If you need help translating your offline event to an online format, get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your needs.