Toy Market Barrow by John Osmotherly

Website Launch for Toymaker, John Osmotherly

Edit: John has decided to put his toy-making and website on pause for the time-being so we’ll remove the links from this page. Hopefully he’ll come back to it as the world needs quality toys.

Below is the original launch announcement from February 2016.


After much toil and many twists, turns and tumbles, today we were finally ready for the official website launch. I’m chuffed to announce that is finally live!

The Brief

Website launch for www.johnosmo.comJohn creates unique handmade toys and furniture for small children and each is a thing of beautifully finished craftsmanship. So, the brief for his new website: practically perfect in every way.

Not being one to let a challenge pass me by, I jumped at the chance to get onboard.

The Project

I believe it’s crucial to deliver a website the client can manage themselves. We’re not about locking organisations into a website framework here at D&B.

For we road tested the Joomla! CMS first up. It was not a success.

I like Joomla!, it’s a robust CMS, but it can be difficult to make it look sophisticated without buying into a specific template subscription. The best templates are all paid and it’s not easy to preview your site and content ahead of handing over hard cash.

After long hours trying to shoehorn John’s beautiful content into Joomla!, we decided to go back to the slate and give WordPress a whirl. This time we were away in a heartbeat. John was more than happy with the selection of themes available and we quickly put together a WooCommerce store so discerning mamas and papas could buy his fine wares online.

The Website Launch

Although it took some time to get it right, the final result is something we’re both happy with. It’s mobile friendly, includes a shopping cart and is fully SEO indexed.

Swing by the official John Osmotherly, Master Toymaker website today.